Lemo (Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia), famous burial site with coffins placed in caves carved into the rock, guarded by balconies of dressed wooden statues, images of the dead persons. Located in the valley, Lemo Village is about 12 kilometers south of Rantepao or six kilometers north Makale. These Burial abodes have existed since the 16th century, made by way of sculpting. This hill is called Lemo because its shape resembles a round citrus fruit (lemon). There are 75 holes in the wall rock, each hole is a family cemetery with size 3 X 5 M. Some of them have statues lined the so-called tau-tau. The statues are a symbol of social standing, status, and their role as the lifetime of the local nobility. This place is often referred to as the home of the spirits. In the cemetery you can see the corpses Lemo stored in the open air, amid the steep rocks. This Cemetery is a combination of death, art and ritual. The Ceremony (Ma Nene) is held at certain times to replace the clothes of the Bodies.