KOROWAI TREE TRIBE, Southern Lowland. Koroway is among the most unique tribes we found so far in Irian Jaya. They are living high up on the trees which they built on the tree trunks. A tree house will be remain to be used for about 3 years, or till the tree is eastern by the termites. Once the tree house is eaten, they will search for the new tree to live on. A tree house is made of wood and tree bark, plus some bamboo and sagoo leaves for the roof. The house can be about 10 m, or 20 m or higher from the ground level. A so called village in Koroway usually consist of 2 or 3 houses only, seldom more. As they are semi-nomadic peoples, we might be unable to find a village on the same site few years after our visit. Although they are semi-nomadic peoples, but they also do farming. Banana is among the famous plant for them, and occasionally, they also plant some pine apple. Food gathering is the daily activity for the Koroway people. Men are carrying arc and bow to hunt birds, wild boar, and other faunas, sometimes they do fishing and collecting the sago worm. While the women are working on the sago processing, taking the starch of the sago and take it home. Main food staple is the sago with some supplement such as fish or sago worm. But if they found no supplement, there will be sago only which is roasted on the fire. The land of Koroway is stretching along the left and right side of Dairam river. Therefore some part of the trail will be wet and muddy. A single lodge bridge is sometimes needed to cross us from one side to the other side of the river.

10 Days Challenging Korowai Trip. We will explore the old way living of the Koroway tribesman. Food gathering, fauna hunting, fish catching, sago processing and else. detail package

14 Days Stone Korowai & Asmat Tribe detail package

14 day Stone Korowai challenging trip . You will be trekking in muddy trails or in swamps, crossing river etc., also you will deal with the hot and humid air. You must prepared you stamina for the unfriendly atmosphere here, so you can enjoy your adventure trip to this region. detail package