Wogo, Flores Tour
Wogo, Flores Tour

Flores has many unique and spectacular attractions. Mount Kelimutu, traditional village, megalithic tombs  has become  the favourites tourist destination. Flores is also known with its Ikat weaving, the well-known tie-dyeing weaving technique. 

Flores Tour 5D, 4N
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Your afternoon program is visiting Watublapi, a hamlet about 18 km south east of Maumere locally known for it's fertile land and rich in exotic tropical plants and fruits. You will be entertained with dances and folk songs accompanied with local dishes and drinks. There is chance for you to comprehend more about Ikat Weaving - the well-known tie-dyeing weaving technique. The Ikat are both as cultural and economical products since the women in the village earn their living from selling the Ikat.

Accommodation : Seaworld Club (3*) or Capa Maumere Hotel ( 4* )

There are places around the town worth to be visited, such as Maumere market, Wuring - the fisherman village with houses built on stilts and Ledalero Museum. Lunch will be provided in Paga Beach or Wolowaru. During the day you will experience the dramatic change in both nature pattern and ethnicity. In the afternoon you will find yourself in the Lio ethnic's environment. Pay a call to their villages (Lisedetu and Ranggase) and try to comprehend the local's daily life or just having a closer look into their work of architectures.

It is worth to experience the sunrise at Kelimutu - the three colored crater lakes. You will begin your day early in the morning (about 4 o'clock). Once you arrive in Kelimutu you will find yourself something like nowhere, incomparable with known told stories - photos or even moving pictures you have seen before. After admiring the nature wonder drive to ENDE you will pass ravines and villages. There are chances photo stops, such as at Nduaria Fruit market. Lunch in ENDE. Your afternoon program will include the visit to Penggajawa - locally known as blue pebble beach, where woman collecting blue tiny stones for export market. Proceed afterwards to Reworena - the village where you can have a closer look into the daily life of ENDE ethnic. Women producing Ikat Sarongs and in the late afternoon they are busy preparing Ndota - the local dish made of fresh tiny chopped cassava (conditional, depends on the season). The village also as the black smith center. To end the day's program, drive toward Nuabosi until reach the vantage point for the wide-angle view over the town of ENDE, which is beautifully located on the coastal area fortified by volcanoes.

In the morning visit Wolotopo, the typical coastal village of Lio ethnic. It is better to arrive there early in the morning (start at abt 5.30 AM) as you will experience the dramatic ray of morning light showering the chopped volcano of Meja at the opposite side of the bay with bright golden light. Just sit next to the megalithic monuments and animistic shrine in the village and enjoy what the nature and the work of civilization prepare for you. Return afterwards to ENDE to visit the morning market and Exile House of the late Mr. Sukarno - the world famous Indonesian Founding Father. ENDE is the place where Mr. Sukarno got the inspiration about PANCASILA - the five philosophic principle of the Nation of Indonesia. Afternoon drive back to Maumere through the northern coast of FLORES.

Accommodation : Seaworld Club (3*) or Capa Maumere Hotel ( 4* )

End of Flores Trip.