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Asmat Tribe Culture, 8D/7N
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The REGULAR flight in the REMOTE AREA such as Asmat that is always subject to change due to the airline policy and other circumstances such as weather. Herewith the update flight condition in this area ( EXCEPT YOU USE CHARTER FLIGHT ) :

The capacity of the aircraft about more or less 10 passengers with maximum 1,100 kg luggage (for bigger flight) BUT sometimes they use small one with capacity only 7 person (Grand Caravan) with maximum luggage 900 kg only. This flight is pioneer flight and also is subsidies from the local government to the local Asmat people. That’s why due to this circumstances we are not allow only to carry our group but also share some seat to the local people or local government. So for the “outsiders” passenger from overseas only have chance about 5 – 6 passengers only (subject to change based on the local authority and airline policy). With this kind of circumstances the best way is we fly Timika – Agats by REGULAR FLIGHT and back Agats – Timika by CHARTER FLIGHT. Why? To make sure we have the seat for all the whole our group and make sure our group not left behind . Why we can not make all flight by regular flight is due to we are NOT sure to get the seat as sometimes they will give more priority to the local people. If we combine between using regular and charter flight, our group have MORE PRIORITY in reserving and booking the seat for regular and charter flight. We have to consider about something happened beyond our control too such as bad weather make NO flight that cause more people will be in the waiting list. That’s why the combination of using regular flight and charter flight is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Asmat Tribe Tour Descriptive day to day itinerary :

DAY 01: TIMIKA ARRIVAL (Supposed Wednesday).
Upon arrival in Timika pick up service by our team then transfer to your Hotel Rimba Papua Hotel 4**** or similar hotel available. Free time at your own leisure and dinner at hotel. (B)

DAY 02 : TIMIKA - EWER – AGATS (Supposed Thursday).
(Notes : Flight route Timika – Ewer – Timika which only operate twice a week every Wednesday and Thursday, this schedule is subject to change in the future based on the airline company). After breakfast then we fly Timika - Ewer by pioneer flight about 1 hour flight. Ewer is a the name of airstrip in Asmat region, from Ewer by motorized canoe about 30 minutes to Agats (main town of Asmat regency). Upon arrival then check-in at simple local accommodation. After lunch walk around the village, Asmat museum and Asmat foundation. Enjoy the time to see the local people daily life, to the local market and walking around the village. Meals breakfast, lunch and dinner prepare by our guide team and stay overnight at the local simple guest house. (B, L, D)

DAY 03 : EWER - ATSJI - AMBISU (Supposed Friday).
After breakfast and some packing for our food stuffs and camping equipment then we starting long boating to Ambisu. It takes around more or less 7 hours depend on the level of the water. We highly suggest to use inflatable mattress and ear plugs as well as hat, suntan lotion and sun glasses. Observe the traditional life of the Asmat Tribe along Atsji and Ambisu. Lunch on the way prepare by our team. Asmat tribe lived in the swampy coastal area and is not possible to reach by foot. The people is well-know with its superb traditional wood carvings which also used as worship with their ancestors. The international world classes carvings have been know by many collectors, museums, and also one of the best primitive designs in the world. Dinner & overnight at school, village house or Men’s house at Asmat village.. (B, L, D)

DAY 04 : AMBISU – KAWET – JOW (Supposed Saturday).
After breakfast and packing in the morning we will have canoes racing ceremony where many canoes racing together, dancing and singing in canoes orchestra. You will be entertain how wonderful they controlling the single log wood made canoes that able to accommodate about 6 – 7 passenger and they dug out the canoe in standing style while singing and dancing. Then we will packing our stuffs and prepare another about more or less 1 hour boating (depend on the level of the water) to Kawet. We will join Sago Party in Kawet Village. The Sago is the main food staple among the Asmat Tribe peoples. They take the starch form a big sago using the wooden axe and crush it in the water. The process to make a pure sago can be about one day. The local peoples also take the sago worm as the supplement for the sago. You will have the chance to taste the local people food. Lunch prepare by our team. Then we continue our journey to Jow Village that takes about 3 ½ hours by long motorized canoe. During boating we highly suggest always bring inflatable mattress and ear plugs as well as hat, suntan lotion and sun glasses. Upon arrival in Jow village we will setting our ten for you inside the Men’s hut (long house). Enjoy our time with the Asmat tribe. Dinner prepare by our team at the long house (B, L, D)

After breakfast we will have Bis Pole Ceremony. The Asmat honored their dead with feasts and rituals, which both commemorated the deceased and reminded the living to avenge their deaths. The towering Asmat "bis" poles were made for these funeral feasts. The basic form of the bis is an openwork pole incorporating several ancestor figures and a wing like projection that represents the pole's phallus.

In Asmat belief, no death was accidental. Each death was always caused by an enemy, either through headhunting raids or sorcery. Death created an imbalance in society, which the living had to correct by taking an enemy head. When a village had suffered a number of deaths, it would hold a bis ceremony, which consisted of a series of feasts held over several months. A number of bis poles were carved for the ceremony and displayed in front of the men's house, where they formed the center of a mock battle between men and women. The poles were kept until a successful headhunt had been carried out and the balance restored. After a final feast, the Asmat abandoned the bis poles in the sago palm groves from which they obtained their primary food. As the poles decayed, their fertile supernatural power seeped into the earth and fertilized the sago trees. So you will have chance when the Asmat make the ritual ceremony to raise the Bis Pole. They will singing and dancing during the ceremony. Lunch prepare by ouir guide team. After lunch in the afternoon then you will have chance to see Mask Dance Ceremony. The Asmat of West Papua wear masks called Jipai evoking the costume of the Balinese Barong. The jipai covers the head and body to the legs. Head sections are of wood, but the body mask might be woven, with extending grasses at the bottom. These are secret creations in men’s houses as part of months-long preparations. Eventually, a jipai covers a man who wants to make contact with his ancestors, during a special event commemorating the departed. The masked figures perform dances before the men’s house at various times during the special day. You will see some people dancing and singing in harmony. Dinner prepare by our guide team and stay overnight at Jow at tent inside Men’s hut (Long House). Meals prepare by our team (B, L, D)

DAY 06 : JOW – AGATS : (Supposed Monday).
After breakfast packing and preparing back to Agats. Say good bye to the Asmat tribe and we will be ready for another 6 – 7 hours boating. During boating we highly suggest always bring inflatable mattress and ear plugs as well as hat, suntan lotion and sun glasses. Upon arrival in Agats we will take a rest. Lunch on the way to Agats. Free time at your own leisure and dinner prepare by our team. Stay overnight at local simple guest house. (B, L, D)

DAY 07 : AGATS - TIMIKA by CHARTER FLIGHT (Supposed Monday – out of REGULAR SCHEDULE Wednesday and Thursday – Subject to change in the future).
In the morning after breakfast by motorized canoe to Ewer airport for the flight back to Timika. Upon arrival in Timika pick up service by our guide team then short city tours in Timika to see traditional market in Timika and sightseeing around the city. Lunch and dinner at the local restaurant. At the appropriate time transfer to Hotel Rimba Papua Hotel 4**** or similar hotel available. (B, L, D),

After breakfast at the appropriate time check out hotel and transfer to the airport to catch your flight to Jakarta or Bali. End of your Asmat Tribe Tour (B)

Canoe Race - the very typical way of the Asmat people to welcome their guest. Each canoe will be occupied by 4 - 6 men, standing and paddling the canoe. In some occasion, they will “seize” one of the guest, and taken them to their village, just like kidnapping a man. This attraction usually full of cheers and shouting. During the past, they used the same style for head hunting