Ivo Georgiev

​Dear Andri,

First of all I would like to thank you very much for your assistance during the whole staying of our group!

Everything was perfect and the tourists are very happy from this excursion.

Special thanks to the local guide Mr. Surata who is one very positive and helpful person!

For future groups we insist on the same guide in Bali.

Peter Holik

Dear Andri,

I want to thank you for preparing the trip according to our wishes.

All 4 of us came back very pleased with what we experienced.

The accommodation was better than expected and i appreciate a lot of hotels had some swimming pools - we enjoyed that everywhere.

The guides were ok, the best was William in Flores - very helpful guy, who gave us many great insights.

The highlight for me was Flores and especially Komodo part - excellent!!!!

So take care and wish a good luck.

Peter and the group


James Ross

Hi Andri

We had a great trip to Java and Bali… all went very smoothly. 
The Intercontinental was world class and so we finished on a high and had a good flight back so all is well.

We have travelled like this (bespoke) about 7 times now and so have a chance to compare your services with those from other countries and I would say the big things that stand out for me is there was quite a lot of variability in the hotels – this may be just availability, but in our previous experiences we have had less of this variation.

​Thanks again


David Greilach


I would like to thank you for arranging our trip. All in all things went well.

Generally the food was OK given the circumstances in which it was being prepared. The main issue was that there was far too much and my son and I felt guilty that we were not eating a lot of the food offered. This applied on both the Kalimantan and Rinca/Komodo boat trips.

The guides were all very good and we did get to see some things we hadn’t expected. Swimming with Manta Rays near Rinca was an absolute highlight and should be part of you standard itinerary. The quality of the accommodation was very good at all locations and the standard of the vehicle we traveled in was excellent. 

Drivers were also good.

Lastly, I would like to send a small gift to Gonzales our guide on Flores/Rinca/Komodo. Can you please provide me his email and address to send something to.

Kind regards,

David Greilach